Michael Allen & the Pruitt-Igoe Now Competition

Part of the LIVING PROPOSAL – PRUITT-IGOE BEE SANCTUARY exhibition at Laumeier Sculpture Park was a roundtable discussion on Pruitt-Igoe and North St. Louis community base projects.Roundtable panelist – Juan William Chavez, Michael Allen and Sylvester Brown, Jr.

Michael Allen talks about the Pruitt Igoe Now competition. Pruitt Igoe Now competition sought the ideas of the creative community worldwide: by inviting individuals and teams of professional, academic, and student architects, landscape architects, designers, writers and artists of every discipline to re-imagine the 57 acres on which St. Louis’ Pruitt Igoe housing project was once located.</span>

Michael Allen is an architectural historian and founder of Preservation Research Office. He authors the blog, Ecology of Absence. Allen’s research is concerned with the impact of deindustrialization, population loss and postwar urban renewal projects on the preservation of historic urban landscapes.

Roundtable Discussion Part 2-Michael Allen by Juanwilliamchavez