Luxembourg Conversation: Pre-Existing Model of Bees in Public Space

Luxembourg Conversation from Juan William Chavez on Vimeo.

An interview at the Luxembourg Gardens with a French teacher who taught in the Saint Louis Public School system for two-years. The film touches upon issues of public space and includes footage of the first Beekeeping School in world, Jardin du Luxembourg Apiculture founded in 1856 located in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris France.

English Translation

“I think that for me, the Luxembourg Garden is a unique place in Paris because it is a big green space dedicated for quiet rest and meetings, but in a very urban setting. It is not the lung of the city because it is not big enough or vegetated enough, but it is a peaceful respite in a very active, dynamic urban environment in the heart of Paris. And it was this idea that I found very seductive when I first discovered this garden when I was a student quite a few years ago.”

“There is also the aesthetic aspect. The Luxembourg Garden has been the subject of literature in the 19th century, notably for it’s aesthetic, architectural quality, but also for the theatrical scenes you can witness. Typical scenes with families and friends meeting, luncheons on the lawn, lectures, etc. There is therefore a sense of poetry around the Luxembourg that I like very much.”