Sylvester Brown, Jr & the Sweet Potato Project

Part of the LIVING PROPOSAL – PRUITT-IGOE BEE SANCTUARY exhibition at Laumeier Sculpture Park was a roundtable discussion on Pruitt-Igoe and North St. Louis community base projects.
Roundtable panelist - Juan William Chavez, Michael Allen and Sylvester Brown, Jr.

Sylvester Brown, Jr  talks about the Sweet Potato Project.  The mission of the Sweet Potato Project is to create a North St. Louis program that offers educational and money-making opportunities for “at risk” urban youth. The expanded goal of the project is to bring vibrant economic activity back to long-neglected urban areas by creating alternative and progressive ways to create and distribute products that are grown and created within these disadvantaged communities.

Sylvester Brown, Jr. is an award-winning journalist, former publisher of Take Five Magazine and metro columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In January 2011, Brown established When we Dream Together, a nonprofit aimed at revitalizing long-ignored urban areas.

Roundtable Discussion Part 3 – Sylvester Brown Jr by Juanwilliamchavez